28 January, 2012


Vinod Dham is an Inventor, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist. He is popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip. for his contribution to the development of highly successful Pentium Processors from Intel.

Vinod Dham was born in 1950.Dham completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering in 1971 at the age of 21.

after that he joined a Delhi-based semiconductor company called Continental Devices. In 1975, he left this job and joined University of Cincinnati, in Cincinnati, Ohio – USA, to pursue a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, where he specialised in Solid State Science.

He then joined Intel, where he led the development of the world famous Pentium Processor. He is called the "Father of Pentium" for his role in the development of the Pentium processor. He is also one of the co-inventors of Intel’s first Flash Memory Technology (ETOX). He rose to the position of vice-president of Micro processor Group at Intel.

He left Intel in 1995, and joined a startup NexGen, which was subsequently acquired by AMD. Dham played an instrumental role in the launch of K6 – the "Pentium killer" processor at rival AMD. He held vice president position of AMD's Computation Products Group.

 He then went on to lead a nascent startup, Silicon Spice in April 1998, which he redirected to build a VOIP Chip and later sold it to Broadcom in 2000. He then launched an incubator NewPath Ventures, where he co – funded companies with an objective of using India’s emerging talent in chip design for R&D.

He is currently a Managing Director and founder of Indo US Venture Partners, an early stage India focused fund that he founded after NewPath. Dham has over the years been a Board member and an advisor to dozens of private and public companies.

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