28 January, 2012


By using the Firefox web browser & the Greasemonkey Add-on, and this userscript you are able to change the colors of Facebook to anything you wish.

(1)Make sure you are using the Firefox browser.

(2)Make sure you have the Greasemonkey add-on installed (this requires restarting your browser).

(3)When you have Firefox and Greasemonkey, go to this Facebook colour changer userscript page and click the install button at the top right of the page.

(4)Click to confirm that you wish to install the script, and it will be installed.

(5)Now, when viewing any page on Facebook simply go to ‘Tools’, ‘Greasemonkey’, ‘Userscript Commands…’ and then ‘Customise   facebook colours…’. See the image below for help with this. (Alternatively the same menu can be shown when right-clicking   on the monkey on the bottom right).
Select the colours you’d like facebook to be, click “Set!”, and you’re done!

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