27 January, 2012

Ten Things You Should Never or Always Do With your Computer

1.Never Run Your Computer in Safe Mode All the Time
Safe mode is for troubleshooting and fixing things.It’s not the 
computer’s standard operating mode.And though you can get 
work done in that mode,that’s not what that mode is there for.

2.Never Re install Windows
Reinstalling Windows is a bad idea,especially considering
that most problems can be fixed without having to reinstall.
Only if your computer is ravaged by a virus or some other
catastrophe is reinstalling the operating system ever necessary.

3.Never Reformat the Hard Drive
You have no reason to do this. It’s not a routine chore. It’s not
required.It’s not a part of owning a PC.As with reinstalling
Windows, reformatting a hard drive is necessary only if the
system is utterly destroyed by some catastrophe.Otherwise,
this is a rare and unnecessary thing to do.

4.Never Randomly Delete Files You Didn’t Create
I think that the emphasis in this heading is more on “randomly”
than on “files you didn’t create”.In many instances in this book,
you have permission to delete certain files that you didn’t create
or cause to come into being.My point is merely to be careful with
what you delete.Don’t be hasty.Don’t assume just because you
don’t know what something does that it’s okay to delete it.That
gets people into trouble.

5.Never Let Other People Use Your Computer
Windows XP is designed for multiple people to use the system  
as long as each person has their own account.So,give them their
own account! Don’t let them use your account.There’s no point
in that.Treat the computer like you would your wallet.Never
loan it out to anyone unless you expect to have it returned in a
different condition. Your computer is a private thing. Keep it
private.Especially avoid letting visitors  relatives, specifically
use your computer.Be firm. Say “No.”

6.Never Use Pirated Software
Pirated or stolen software or any software you didn’t pay for
is often the source of computer viruses.Sure, it may be “free”.But,
who knows what idiot put what virus on that CD-R?Pirated games 
are perhaps the single greatest source  of viruses in the PC world.
You just run a terrible risk not to mention that it’s legally and 
morally wrong to steal.

7.Always Shut Down Windows Properly
Use the Shut Down Windows dialog box to make the operating 
system die a peaceful death.The idea is to try to avoid the 
situation where you just turn off the computer.That leads to 
major problems down the road.Of course, if the system dosen't 
let you shut down properly, you have to just flip the power switch.

8.Always Back Up your files
Whether it’s just copying today’s files to a removable disk or 
using real backup software, you would be wise to have a spare 
copy of your data handy.

9.Always Set Restore Points before
Installing New Software or Hardware The System Restore utility 
is a must-use tool for whenever you upgrade your system. 
Remember that change introduces problems in many computers.
Having the ability to “go back in time” with System Restore is a 
blessing. Set those Restore Points!

10.Always Scan for Viruses
I highly recommend using antivirus software.It’s a must.In fact,
it’s shocking that such a utility isn’t a part of Windows.Instead,
I recommend investing in a good antivirus program,such as 
Norton AntiVirus or any program that offers updates via the 
Internet.Computing in this decade is a dangerous thing.Make it 
safer.Use antivirus software. Keep your antivirus subscription 
up-to-date! New viruses are introduced all the time.Be safe! 
Protect yourself.

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