12 February, 2012

Simple tips by which you can increase the speed of your PC easily

One of the major reasons that computers slow down over time is that more and more programs start running themselves automatically on booting the computer and end up slowing down the machine in the crucial early stages, or keep running in the background without ever being noticed.
Switching off these programs can provide a noticeable boost to your processing speed, much more so that activities like disk defragmentation.
For the windows 7 OS-
1.Go to the start menu and search for “msconfig”.
2.Go to the Startup tab.
3.Uncheck all unnecessary programs.
4.Press “OK”.
For Windows XP, go to the command line (Run) and run “msconfig” and follow the same steps outlined above. On Windows Vista the same functionality can be found on the Windows Defender options. Try this simple solution if you haven’t before, you’ll be surprised by the amount of junk code you’ve been running otherwise.

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