11 February, 2012

What is coral player?

CoralPlayer is a scam. If you go to their web site (which 

you really have to search for to find a way to get to the 

page) you will find a link that says that you can 

"purchase" CoralPlayer for only 95 cents. But if you read 

the rest of the site you will find that what you are 

"purchasing" is a 3 day trial. After that you are charged 

$19.95/month. By "purchasing" it you automatically agree 

to be billed after 3 days and then monthly after that. It is 

ludicrous that you would rent a piece of software to do 

something so simple as play a video and the per month 

price is what you would expect to pay for the average 

video player which you then own forever. I have seen 

reports of some videos claiming to require CoralPlayer to 

play. Apparently your ordinary player can play the part 

that says you need CoralPlayer to play the video. What 

this means is that the makers of CoralPlayer have 

invented a market for their software. A small portion of 

the file will play with any player. The rest of the file is 

presumably in a proprietary format which they created for 

the sole purpose of distributing videos which you then 

have to pay them monthly to view. Complete scam, total 

waste of money.

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