05 February, 2012

30 Awesome Windows 7 Desktop Themes

This is a compilation of the 30 most stunning Windows 7 desktop themes! This collection will ramp up your desktop and give it a completely new appearance. If you are tired of your old desktop, you definitely have to try one of the following desktop themes!
Dark Windows 7 Desktop Theme
Black Windows 7 Desktop Theme
Black Funk Visual Style for Win7
Green Visual  Style
Elegant White Desktop Theme
Shiny Desktop Theme
White Purity Desktop Theme
Dark Windows 7  Theme
Dark Agility Windows 7 Theme
Glass Theme  Classic for Windows 7
Extraordinary Windows 7 Design
Beautiful Clear Screen Windows 7 Theme
Purple  Visual Windows 7 Style
Elegant Glass Desktop Theme
Desaturated grey desktop Windows 7 desktop theme
Windows 7 MAC Theme
Dark Transcendental Desktop Theme
Sunny Orange Desktop Theme
Blue Windows 7 Desktop Theme
Pastel Colours Desktop Theme
Desaturated High Contrast Desktop Theme
7Pro Dark Desktop Theme
Awesome Desktop Theme Iohanna
7looks Custom Windows 7 Theme
DLL FREE Windows 7 Desktop Theme
Elegant Black Windows 7 Theme
Red Windows 7 Theme
Skull Longhorn Theme
Dark ThaiImpact Visual Style for Windows 7
Green Spirit Visual Style for Windows 7
Light Blue Windows XP Theme

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