03 February, 2012

Learn the 7 Rules for Excellent English

A.J Hoge “Effortless English - Learn The 7 Rules For Excellent English" 

How can you learn English conversation easily, and fast?
My name is A.J Hoge and I will teach you the secrets to excellent English learning.
In my 7 Rules Lessons, you learn:
How you learn 4-5 times faster.
How you learn quickly, easily, and automatically-- like a native speaker.
How you learn correct English grammar, without studying grammar rules

Rule 1. Learn Phrases
Rule 2. Don't Study Grammar
Rule 3. Focus On Listening
Rule 4. Learn Deeply (Repeat A Lot)
Rule 5. Use Point of View Stories
Rule 6. Use Only Real English Materials
Rule 7. Use Listen & Answer Stories


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