18 April, 2012

Free Barcode Generator

We have collected some of the best Free Barcode Generator Online for you. One of the website below in the list also has an option to create QR code online but we will create a separate post for that in few days.
The Barcode is an encrypted way of storing information that can be retrieved through a barcode reader. You would have already seen those barcode guns which supermarket cashiers use it to bill the product you want to buy.
The first Barcode to be printed on a commercial product was on Wrigley chewing gum back in 1974. That was the mark of a new era to bill consumer products easily at stores.
The technology has evolved so much in these times that you can now scan barcodes with your smart phones with the help of barcode reading softwares.
Generate Barcode Online
Some of the popular types of Barcode include:
a)     Coode 39
b)    EAN
c)     Code 128
d)    Code 93
e)     Code 11
f)      Channel code
g)     Aztec code
h)    MSI and many more..
Anyways, we present you here with some of the best Free Barcode Generators online which are easy to use. You do not need any special barcode software or purchase anything in order to create barcode online.
Visit this Barcode generator website and create your barcode with 15 different options including QR code. You can also select the size of your barcode from small to very large. After creating one you can just right click on the barcode image and save it onto your computer.
Create barcode in over 15 available types from this site. You can also save the output format of the image in png, jpg, gif or bmp.
This website has a huge selection of barcode types. Also there are additional parameters like translate, scale and rotate, not sure who would use that.
Generate barcode with options including rotation of the image in angles, the height of the image and also an option to show the text that you input.
Some of the available options on this site are Linear codes, 2D codes, Mobile Tagging, EAN/UPC, GS1 DataBar, ISBN Codes, Postal Codes, Business Cards, Event Barcodes and Wi-fi Barcodes.
We hope these 5 Barcode Generator Online websites will help you create Barcodes of your choice. My guess is that people use these online generators for fun. But if you are someone who uses it for other purposes then do let us know.
Learn more about Barcode from this wiki page: Barcode wiki. Share this post with your friends and tell them this easy way to create barcode online for free.

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