07 April, 2012

Edit your Comments on Facebook!

This feature has been enabled by facebook around 1 month back, but still very few people know this!

That is the reason why i'm posting it here! ;-)

At first when we use Comments,a simple typo error could lead us to the deletion of the whole comment which we've posted. But now with the new Comment Editing update we can do it much easier by just clicking the [X] button.(the right side of the place you've commented)

This new feature in Facebook comments lets you edit any comment that you have made on someone’s status update, photos or even shared links and pages.

Steps to Edit your Comments:
  • Take your cursor to the place where you have commented.
  • You'll find a [X] sign on the right side.
  • Click it & edit it
  • Hit Enter when you're done!

# You are not allowed to Edit if someone has commented after you!

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