22 September, 2012

How To Publish blog Posts in Google+

Google Plus has gained much popularity in such a short period. Google Plus provides vast Variety of features to share your thoughts with others. Today Google plus is considered among the top social media web applications like Facebook or Twitter. Google plus enables you to connect with your friends or readers. You can easily create your own community to share your thoughts among friends or readers with Google Plus.
But if you are a blog writer, then it becomes very essential to create your own Google Plus community of followers like Facebook or Twitter followers. Which provides more exposer to your blog and enables you to spread your blog to more readers. It also helps to provide latest blog post updates to your blog followers. This automatically results in more traffic to your blog.
When you write a new post it can be published on your blog Facebook Fan page and Twitter Profile automatically  with the help of some application or services available online. But you can hardly find any application or service on present time, which can auto publish your blog posts directly to your Google plus page just after publishing. But with the help of tutorial give below, you can easily publish your blog posts titles to Google Plus page directly for any blogger blog. There is no need to leave your Blogger Dashboard or login to your Google Plus account to publish a new post. You can easily publish new blog post to Google Plus page in easy way directly from your blogger dashboard.
Keep in mind this works only if you have activated New blogger interface for your blog. If you are using old blogger interface, then firstly switch to new blogger interface to use this feature. Also this method can publish only blog post title to your Google plus page.

Log in to your Blogger Account.
Go to Posts tab for your blog  from Drop-down menu in blogger Dashboard as shown in below image.


You will see all your blog posts, published as well saved in drafts.
Just Hover over the post title which you want to share on Google Plus page.
You will see a share link just below each blog post as shown in image below.


Click on share link.
This will open a pop up window as show in image below.


It will also show the title of your blog post which will be published on Google Plus page.
Add people and circles to which you want to share this post from drop-down list opened.
You can also publish any message or comment in above box which you want to share with your readers or friends along with this post. You can share post with public, Friends,Followings etc.
In last just Hit share. That is it, you’re done. You have successfully published a blogger blog post to Google Plus page directly.

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