27 December, 2011


However, as popular as it is, and as many features as it has, there is always scope for improvement. Microsoft is working diligently on releasing a new version in around a year or so, and it’s called Windows 8.Recently Microsoft released a beta version of windows 8 called developers preview.My hands are already on windows 8 and I thought to give a review about windows 8 developers preview.

Good and Bad features of windows 8:
1.The visual display in windows 8 is spectacular.
  • The display screen and the start up in windows 8 are looking very good and there are not too many graphics as it is a developers preview but visually its very good.
2.It has Internet Explorer 9 Pre installed.
  • All the Windows version we get contain Internet Explorer pre installed in it .In the similar way Internet Explorer 9 is preinstalled in Windows 8.

3. Facial Recognition with Windows 8

  • The most expected feature for those with security issues is facial recognition. There are reports that Microsoft is working on facial recognition technology for Windows 8, but nothing is certain yet. Instead of using a password to log on, users can simply step in front of the web cam and the computer will unlock once it identifies their face. Such attempts have been made in the past but the results were not pleasing, so it may be a while until Microsoft gets it right and releases this feature. We wouldn’t be surprised if it came in a service pack, after the initial launch of Windows 8.
4.User Friendly:
  • As always windows always try to keep their products user friendly and windows 8 is also under user friendly environment.
5.Good Start up and Shut down speed:
  • Microsoft has already promised that windows 8 will have good start up speed.As if they mentioned previously windows has a good start up and shut down speed.
4.More focus on Touch Pad users:
  • The features of windows 8 focuses more on touch pad users some of the features may look awkward for regular desktop users.
5.Compatibility Problems:
  • I have tried many softwares installing on windows 8,most of them are compatible with windows 8 except few.Some rare programs are having compatibility problem with windows 8.
Hope that you liked the review.If you didn't put your hands on windows 8 download from the below links.

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